måndag 2 april 2012

Morris in Watercolor

Celebrated my friends and their newborn named Morris. Could not think of anything else than an old Morris Minor 1000 -1959 in watercolor.

Morris Minor 1000 -1959 by Björn Bernström

7 kommentarer:

  1. Oh beautiful! We had a Morris when I was a child, very nostalgic for me!

  2. Really?! :-)
    Cool car. I enjoyed to paint it.

  3. This is so cute!!!! We own a Morris Traveller 1966...it's our primary and only car! I have been thinking recently about painting it...now you have inspired me. did you use pen and ink on this one?

  4. åååååh <3
    Morris... och Morris... LOVE!

  5. Amazing watercolor, your artwork is really nice, congrat!